Brief Description

The remote community of Chiriaco Summit lies adjacent to the Colorado River Aqueduct and Interstate 10, approximately halfway between Palm Desert and Blythe.

The community has provided a truck stop and other motorist services since 1933 and is the location of the General Patton Memorial Museum. Community founders provided food and sanitary services to laborers during construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct and originally relied on springs for water supply. In 1986, Metropolitan and Caltrans entered into an agreement for sale of water to benefit the traveling public near Chiriaco Summit. Caltrans subsequently entered into an agreement with the owners of the motorist services facility.

In 2002, Metropolitan entered into the existing water sale contract with Caltrans and Chiriaco, a county water district formed in 2000. Caltrans was willing to assist Chiriaco in obtaining water for services at Chiriaco Summit because of the location and service available to the traveling public.


In 2000, ……

Governing Body

The Chiriaco Summit Water District is governed by a Board of Directors. The board has five members, and have regular meetings every other month of the year, starting in January (plus any extraordinary or emergency meetings) at the District office or the Chiriaco Summit Community Center.

Source of Water

The water the district provides, comes from the Colorado River Aqueduct (more info).

Water quality

Water received from the CRA is treated before being delivered to residential and commercial customers, in an Evoqua/Siemens Memcor Treatment plant. The water is regularly tested and the test results are continually monitored by the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health to ensure the treated water conforms to all the current standards required.

Services Provided

Besides providing water to the Chiriaco Summit Mobile Home Park we supply water to commercial customers, including the Food Mart/Gas station, Restaurant and Travel Information Center in the community, and to the General Patton Memorial Museum which is adjacent to the main part of the community.

Untreated water is also provided to contractors for projects in the vicinity, and free water is provided to emergency vehicles.

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