CSWD is a considered a community water system (public water systems that have at least 15 service connections or regularly serve at least 25 year-round residents) and as such it is required to produce and distribute a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) every year.

Water received from the CRA is treated in a Siemens/Memcor Microfiltration system, and complies with all the applicable health standards at the local/county, state and federal level.

More information on what a CCR is can be obtained from the EPA’s website, here (external link)

Below you can find the CCR reports filed by the district, directly from the State of California DRINC’s website (direct links to PDF versions of the reports, 2012-2019) or our web server (2020 and after)

  • CCR for 2012 (PDF File, 260Kb)
  • CCR for 2013 (PDF File, 260Kb)
  • CCR for 2014 (PDF File, 481Kb)
  • CCR for 2015 (PDF File, 632Kb)
  • CCR for 2016 (PDF File, 612Kb)
  • CCR for 2017 (PDF File, 259Kb)
  • CCR for 2018 (PDF File, 261Kb)
  • CCR for 2019 (PDF File, 257kb)
  • CCR for 2020 (PDF File, 255kb)
  • CCR for 2021 (PDF File, 255kb)
  • CCR for 2022 (PDF File, 258kb)

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