Water Rates/Fee Schedule – Untreated/bulk water for Construction Use

Per load charge:

Load SizeCost
Up to 1,000 gallon$40.00
Up to 2,000 gallon$80.00
Up to 4,000 gallon$160.00

Monthly Connection Charge

For a 3” connection (hydrant), the monthly connection fee is $90.00. This fee will be billed for as long as the connection/account remains active (pro-rated).

Account Opening/Setup Fee

Non-reimbursable fee, due at the time of the account opening $25.00

Account Deposit

The deposit amount for an untreated water account is based on the estimated total monthly usage, which needs to be provided when the application is filed. Any balance remaining after the project has finished and any charges pending have been cleared, will be reimbursed via check within 10 business days. The minimum deposit amount will be $1,500.00, and it is due before services can be provided.

Late Fee

Invoices are normally produced at the end of the month and are due on the 15th of the following month (or the next business day). If an invoice is produced during any other part of the month, the due date will be adjusted accordingly, and it is normally due in 15 days.

The fee for a late payment is $20.00.

Payments need to be received before the closing of the office on the due date (5:00pm PST) – payments need to be physically received by the office, not postmarked before the due date.

Convenience Fee for CC Payments

Billing via PayPal is an option, to be able to pay via Credit Card or an eCheck. The Convenience fee is added to the total amount due on the monthly invoice, and the fee amount is 3% of the total balance.

All checks need to be made payable to “Chiriaco Summit Water District”, and sent to the following address:

Chiriaco Summit Water District
Attn: Accounts Payable
62450A Chiriaco Rd, Suite C
Chiriaco Summit, CA 92201

Completely filled original application, account setup fee, and security deposit are required before starting the service.

A W9 form from CSWD can be provided upon request.

The Service Application can be downloaded here.

The fee schedule can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

The form to log the charges can be downloaded here.

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