In addition to providing water to to the residents of Chiriaco Summit community, CSWD provide treated water to the business in the area.

CSWD water rates are based on meter size and how much water is used. The proposed rate structure for water services has two components:

(1) a fixed monthly base charge; and

(2) a variable (water consumption-based) usage rate.

The first component is a fixed amount calculated to recover the CSWD’s fixed costs of operating and maintaining the water system and is based on the potential volume of water a customer could draw, as determined by the size of their water meter. The variable component of the rate structure is based on water consumption. The variable usage rate will be charged from the first cubic foot of water purchased.
Water rates will increase over a five-year period instead of a large one-time adjustment, starting in 2019.

Fixed Monthly base Charge (based on Meter Size)

Calendar Year3/4″ or 5/8″2″

Variable (water consumption-based) usage rate (per CCF)

The variable charge portion of the water bill accounts for the actual water used by each connection, as per the monthly meter readings. The following is a schedule of the price per CCF (768 gallon):

Calendar YearUsage rate per CCF

Account Opening/Setup Fee

Non-reimbursable fee, due at the time of the account opening, is $25.00

Completely filled original application, account setup fee, and security deposit are required before starting the service.

A W9 form from CSWD, or an invoice for the deposit and account setup fee can be provided upon request, if requested via email at

Account Deposit

The deposit amount for a new commercial account is $500.00, which needs to be provided when the application is filed. The deposit will be held by the district for the life of the account.

Any balance remaining after the account has been closed and any charges pending have been cleared, will be reimbursed via check within 10 business days.

Late Fees/Finance Charges

Invoices are normally produced at the end of the month and are due on the 15th of the following month (or the next business day).

The fee for a late payment is $20.00.

Payments need to be received before the closing of the office on the due date (5:00pm PST) – payments need to be physically received by the office, not postmarked before the due date.

Convenience Fee for CC Payments

Billing via PayPal is an option, to be able to pay via Credit Card or an eCheck. The Convenience fee is added to the total amount due on the monthly invoice, and the fee amount is 3% of the total balance.

Paying via check

All checks need to be made payable to “Chiriaco Summit Water District”, and if mailed, sent to the following address:

Chiriaco Summit Water District
Attn: Accounts Payable
62450A Chiriaco Rd, Suite C
Chiriaco Summit, CA 92201

Please make sure the account number or the invoice number to be paid is shown on the check’s memo line (or include a copy of the bill being paid). Payments received without indication of the outstanding bill to be paid will be applied to the oldest outstanding invoice or finance charge.

The Service Application can be downloaded here (opens in new window).

Commercial Water Shutoff Policy

CSWD’s policy on service disconnection on commercial accounts is as follows:

If a bill is not paid by the due date (normally the 15th of the month or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday), the District will apply a ten dollar ($10), first late fee to the delinquent account and mail a reminder notice to the customer explaining the delinquent amount and providing a due date that is ten (10) days from the date printed on the notice.
If the delinquent account is not paid within the ten (10) calendar day reminder notice period, a second past-due penalty of fifteen dollars ($15) will be applied to the customer’s account and a physical tag, providing the date when service will be disconnected if payment has not been received, will be placed in a prominent location at the property. This tag will include the delinquent amount due, information about payment plan and appeal options and the date the service will be discontinued if payment is not received.

If the full amount due (as shown on the tag) is not paid by the date the tag specifies the service will be suspended, or payment arrangements have not been established, the account will be subject to disconnection without further notice. The full balance due, plus any other applicable charges (including, but not limited to the balance due and the re-connection fee) will be due before service could be re-established.

Late Fee Waiver form is available here.

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