In compliance with Assembly Bill AB-169 (Maienschein, 2015; “Local government: public records: Internet“) requirements, the Board Resolutions available in this page, in PDF format, are “retrievable, downloadable, indexable and electronically searchable, platform independent and machine readable”, except where/if indicated.

Resolution 2001-01 – MND Adoption for improvement project

Resolution 2001-02 – Name change from CSCWD to CSWD

Resolution 2001-03 – Establishment of Interim Water Rates

Resolution 2001-04 – Reclassification of board Directors in two classes

Resolution 2001-05 – Designation of authorized agent to apply for state funding monies

Resolution 2011-01 – Authorization to apply for SDWSRF Funding

Resolution 2011-02 – Authorization to apply for SDWSRF Funding

Resolution 2011-03 – Authorization to apply for a CEQA exemption for the project’s planning phase

Resolution 2013-01 – Authorization to apply for Proposition 50 Funding

Resolution 2015-01 – Authorization to apply for SDWSRF Funding

Resolution 2016-01 – Authorization to adopt the proposed tiered rate system

Resolution 2016-02 – Authorization to Request Funding pursuant to the SDWSRF Guidelines

Resolution 2017-01 – Authorizing Addendum to MND for Grant

Resolution 2018-01 – Re-scheduling of Directors Election Year (RivCo Reg. of Voters)

Resolution 2019-01 – Adoption of Revised Rate System

Resolution 2019-02 – Authorization to apply for Right of Way re-assignment & Expansion with the BLM

Resolution 2020-01 – Adoption of Water Shutoff Policy (SB-998)

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